Striper fishing post from the forums

There is a big right curve as your are driving toward the dam (on the east side) that has a trail down to the river.  Grab some waders because you might have to wade to knee deep to be able to reach the schooling stripers but it’s worth it. I like throwing a 1/2 oz chrome with blue back rat-l-trap or live shad.

I have seen people catch some big ones with spooks.  When the turbines are running, the fish seem not be be actively feeding.  When the turbines stop, the shad seem to move down river to this neck down area.  The stripers feed hard for about 15-20 minutes and you can catch some BIG ones.  Check the generation schedules and plan your trip accordingly.  Of course you can catch fish at any time but when the turbines stop is my favorite.

One problem you will face is that after hooking these big stripers they tend to run north and south, parallel to the bank instead of resisting back from you.  The rocks at this area will tear mono-filament line with ease.  You better be using some sort of super line like 50 lb braid at least.  You can use regular bass gear if you feel lucky.  I would suggest something a little bigger.  Something like this but maybe even 7 foot or 7’6″.   Daiwa Beefstick 2006 Conventional Rods

I have never done that good on the concrete walkway that leads down to the dam.  That’s where most people will be.  I only go there to catch shad with a cast net.   Some people snag from this area others usually catch squealer catfish, drum and hybrids.

Get ready for some fights!

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